Plan Your New Structure with Creative Commercial Architecture in Baltimore, MD

The design, form, layout, and lighting are but a few of the aspects that contribute to a great working experience in a building. With the right architects and interior designers in place, you can create a structure and space that fits your business goals and helps your staff stay productive. At Beck, Powell & Parsons, we believe that having the right combination of architecture and interior design leads to good business. Maximize your productivity with intuitively designed commercial architecture in Baltimore, MD.

As an award-winning architectural firm, we have proudly served commercial and residential property owners throughout Baltimore for over 50 years. We’ve committed ourselves to the drafting, designing, and construction of high-performance buildings and homes with designs centered around our clients’ needs. No matter how ambitious your construction or interior design project, you can have the utmost confidence that it will be started off right in the hands of our experienced professionals.

Specializing in Green Design for Commercial and Home Architecture

For several decades, our firm has applied the principles of green and sustainable design to every project we’ve taken on. Over the years, we’ve helped our clients plan and build homes and commercial buildings that rely on sustainable energy systems and materials, some of which include:

  • Active and Passive Solar Energy Systems
  • Energy Conserving Building Designs
  • Recycled and Renewable Building Materials

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we always take an environmentally conscious approach to our clients’ needs. Whether we’re addressing the exterior of your commercial architecture or improving the inside of your structure for a more advantage layout, you can be sure that you’ll receive a creative, effective solution.

Architectural and Design Firm Handling Builds of All Kinds

At our firm, our contractors have handled a wide variety of residential and commercial projects. We’ve found that having a great deal of experience with one type of project often lends itself well to completing many different building and design projects. From residential architecture to commercial interior design, we’ve been called upon for a medley of different requests. The following is a sample of the types of projects we’ve handled:

  • Waterfront Residences
  • Kitchen and Master Bath Additions
  • Office and Guest Bedroom Additions
  • Florida Room and Deck Additions
  • Religious Facilities
  • Fire and Emergency Services Facilities
  • Automotive Sales and Service Facilities
  • College and University Buildings
  • Animal Facilities and Related Biomedical Support Spaces Contracting

We strive to provide excellent service at competitive rates. When you hire us for your commercial architecture or interior design project, you’ll find us to be a friendly, creative and highly responsive group. With 85-90% of our work being repeat business, we take our clients’ satisfaction seriously, which means we don’t consider our jobs done until you’re completely satisfied. We look forward to making your next project a complete success.


Contact our firm to determine how to best proceed with your commercial or residential project. We proudly serve clients all throughout Baltimore, Maryland.
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