Green Design for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Architecture in Baltimore

Green & Sustainable Design Introduction/History

Beck, Powell & Parsons has been applying the principles of green and sustainable design to its projects since the early 1970’s. This work has included the application of active and passive solar energy systems, energy conserving building designs and systems, specification of renewable and recycled building materials, and specification of materials, products to minimize indoor air quality problems and many other green principles.

The firm has published or contributed to many books, informational brochures, federal studies and articles dealing with energy conservation and solar design. We have given lectures, testified before congressional committees and organized various demonstrations and expos on solar design and energy conservation.

The currently exploding interest in green and healthy buildings is exciting to us. As members of the US Green Building Council, we are currently training in the LEED Leadership in Energy Design program and are currently designing a Silver Level LEED rating (minimum) facility for the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Green Design
+ Introduction/History
+ Principles
+ Publications
+ Sample Projects
+ Energy Studies
+ Solar Homes


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