Green & Sustainable Design Principles

Active and Passive Solar – Several recent residential projects have been designed with passive solar energy systems which have resulted in virtually no space heating costs. We have designed over twenty projects with major active solar collector arrays for space heating and domestic hot water.

Energy Conservation – Virtually all of our commercial projects exceed ASHRAE 90.1 goals by use of techniques such as heat reclaim and heat wheels, ice and brine storage systems for off-peak energy purchase and storage, improved building envelope design, and energy efficient HVAC systems. In addition, we have performed energy conservation surveys/audit of over 20 million square feet of various facility types.

Renewable and Recycled Products – Beck, Powell and Parsons has specified numerous products in this category including aggregates for paving, concrete and engineered wood and steel structural members, wall board, interior finishes, flooring and trim. Indoor Environmental Quality – Beck, Powell & Parsons has emphasized the specification of healthful interior building materials including products with low VOC emissions and water-based solvents, specification of materials which do not contain formaldehyde-based glues, and specification of carpeting and other interior finishes which are certified for low emissions of VOCs

Consultant Contribution (Civil, Landscape, M/E, Lighting, Acoustic) – Together with our consultant team, we provide additional “green design” including site and storm water selection and management, water efficiency, high efficient HVAC, geothermal and other specialty disciplines .


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