Green & Sustainable Design Publications

Solar and Energy Related Topics
Active Solar Energy System Design Practice Manual: Consultant, Feature Project
Better Homes and Gardens: 3 Feature Solar Homes
Solar Energy Analysis Guide: Consultant, Co-author
Solar Performance/Practice Guide: Author, Publisher
New Energy – Conserving Passive Solar Single-Family Homes: Coeditor, Illustrations, Writer Contribution
Energy-Conserving Passive Solar Multi-Family Retrofit Projects: Coeditor, Illustrations
Solar Energy Analysis Guide: Technical Consultant, Data Collection
Solar Heating and Cooling Demonstration Program Books 1 & 2: Technical Consultant
Comparative Report: Performance of Passive Solar Space Heating Systems: Technical Consultant, Data Collection
National Residential Passive Solar Energy Performance Tables
A Survey of Passive Solar Buildings: Layout, Feature Project
The First Passive Solar Home Awards: Technical Contribution
A Survey of Passive Solar Buildings: Feature Project
Solar Technologies: An Overview:  Feature Project 

Solar and Energy Related Topics: Over 100 lectures Nationally
United Way of Maryland: Solar Heating
National Tour: Solar Grant Application
Catonsville C.C.: Active and passive solar systems
Teacher at Johns Hopkins and Harford CC: Passive Solar
Harford CC: Active Solar Solar Greenhouse Lectures
Mortgage Brokers Association of MD: Solar Energy
Aging Conference: Solar
Western MD College: Passive Solar
Miami University Lectures Critiques: Energy Conservation
Home Builders Association Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors: Energy Conservation
National Conference of States on Building Codes: Energy and Solar
HUD Solar Demonstration Program Update National Retired Teachers: Solar Heating
American Association of Retired Persons: Solar Heating

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