Green & Sustainable Design- Sample Commercial Projects

Baltimore, Maryland
Design of solar heated corporate office building

Annapolis Meter Study
Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Public housing master electrical metering study with behavioral impact review

Annapolis, Maryland
Enclosed pedestrian walks study and design

Baltimore County Detention Center
Baltimore, Maryland
New facility design which incorporates large active solar array for heat and hot water. Services included federal grant application and subsequent approval.

Chincoteague Visitors Center and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Exhibit Building
Chincoteague, Virginia
Passive Solar design with indirect gain storage, not built

Ciekot Housing
Northeast USA
Spec housing designs incorporating passive solar and super-insulating principles

EFA Chesapeake Andrews Precision Management Equipment Laboratory
Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland
Underground structure with highly efficient energy usage

Fairfield Center
Designed nursing home addition with active solar hot water system.

Goodwill Industries Corporate Offices
Baltimore, Maryland
Renewable and Recycled Products

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center
Active and passive solar design integration.

Hashawha Environmental Center Park and Activities Building
Carroll County, Maryland
Complete planning and design of an energy camp with children and adults can go to learn about alternative energy sources. Green features include solar heat and hot water, wind powered electric and water pumping and grey water recycling system. These systems are integrated with interactive displays for teaching purposes.

HUD/AIA Research Corporation/Boeing
Nationwide Project
Review of grant applications, project award selection, shop drawing review and evaluation of completed construction of approximately 200 residences. As part of a technology dissemination program we wrote and published brochures, books and articles, gave lectures and built displays.

Ft. Belvoir Child Care Center
Indoor Environmental Quality

Jewish Community Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Indoor Environmental Quality

Maryland Energy Office
Conducted public outreach programs to educate and promote energy conservation and solar power. Published quarterly newsletter with 750,000 circulation and , informational pamphlets for passive and active solar design, photovoltaic use and general energy conservation. Organized and conducted several energy fairs, seminars, promotions and an expo at the local civic center.

National Solar Data Network Advisory Panel/ Vitro
Installation of energy monitoring instruments in HUD grant solar houses.

Private Residences
Mid-Atlantic Area
Indoor Environmental Quality

Private Residences
Renewable and Recycled Products

US Solar Bank
Congressionally financed tax rebate program. Testified before congressional committees, developed regulations for tax credits for people who install passive solar heating.

Southern Solar Energy Center Passive House
Selected by competition to design a residence with passive solar, super insulation, high efficiency mechanical systems, active solar hot water, and greenhouse.

St. Anselms Abbey
Consolation for passive solar and energy conserving design

Westminster Firehouse
Westminster, Maryland
Renewable and Recycled Products

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