Custom Residential

Building a custom home should be one of the most exciting adventures that an individual or couple ever embarks upon. A home is a special statement about you, your life, your interests, your hopes and dreams.

Beck, Powell & Parsons has been designing custom homes, both new and renovated, for over thirty-five years. We are able to carefully listen to your needs and requirements, and then, with you, create a design for your home that is a true expression of your particular desires and lifestyle.

We also have specialized experieince in solar and sustainbable design.

Our greatest reward is the delight and satisfaction you receive from living in your home.


New Residences:

Bill Ward Residence Baltimore Co.

Bobenko Residence Towson, MD

Wolfe Residence

Bunting Residence St. Michaels, MD

Bunting Pottery Studio Monkton, MD

Bunting Residence Monkton, MD

Bunting Residence Royal Oak, MD

Chapanis Residence Glen Arm, MD

Ward Residence Baltimore Co.

Davis Residence Towson, MD

Frankel Residence Baltimore, MD

Goldman Residence Baltimore Co.

Goldseker Residence Baltimore Co.

Goldstein Residence Baltimore Co.

Heaphy Residence Baltimore Co.

Hieronimus Residence Baltimore Co.

Hoffman Residence Kent Island, MD

Kasper Residence Baltimore Co.

Kleinman Residence Mt. Washington, MD

Koester Residence Anne Arundel Co.

Lancelotta Residence Howard Co.

Mendelson Residence Baltimore Co.

Naeny Residence Bozman, MD

Newman Residence Waynesboro, PA

Powell Residence Pasadena. MD

Rochlin Residence Baltimore Co.

Rymland Residence Baltimore Co.

Siegal Residence Baltimore Co.

Silber Residence Roland Park, MD

Snyder Residence Baltimore Co.

Stellman Residence Baltimore Co.

Taubman Residence Baltimore Co.


Additions & Remodeling Projects


Beck Residence Towson, MD

Blum Residence Baltimore Co.

Bronushas Residence Essex, MD

Calabro Residence Trappe, MD

Dehn Residence Baltimore City, MD

Grimm Residence Towson, MD

Isaacs Residence Towson, MD

Kronthal Residence Baltimore Co.

Kutluk Residence Parkville, MD

Levin Residence Stevenson, MD

Mastron Residence Royal Oak, MD

Mays Residence Baltimore City, MD

Pivonski Residence Essex, MD

Pohl-Stiles Residence Towson, MD

Porter Residence Essex, MD

Rackson Sedidence Lutherville, MD

Santini Resience Baltimore City. MD

Talles Residence

Brooklandville, Maryland

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