Manufacturing, Industrial and Warehouse Facilities

Today’s workplaces have specialized standards that allow employees to work in comfort and safety. This has resulted in higher quality output and greater pride in work performed. Proper acoustics, temperature controls, adequate lighting, interesting support spaces, are all part of the formula to create workplaces that are interesting and supportive, as well as functional in getting the job done.

Manufacturing Plant/Administration Building Renovations
Cockeysville, Maryland
Renovations and additions to manufacturing complex including executive offices, assembly facility, warehouse, data processing enter, and cafeteria
Owner: AAI Corporation

Pharmaceutical Plant Renovations
Hunt Valley, Maryland
Renovations to offices, laboratory, manufacturing line, and installation of ETO sterilizer
Owner: BBL Microbiology Systems

Gas Service Building
Baltimore, Maryland
Renovations to offices and gas distribution control center
Owner: Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.

Office, Warehouse, Maintenance Facility
Baltimore, Maryland
New management offices, laboratory, training facilities, cafeteria, parts storage, and equipment maintenance
Owner: Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.

Plant Addition/Renovation
Baltimore, Maryland
Executive offices, corrugation line, and indoor rail terminal
Owner: Container Corporation of America

Executive Office and Distribution Facility
Hunt Valley, Maryland
Executive offices, warehouse and test and assembly facility
Owner: EIL Instruments, Inc.

Regional Headquarters Facility
White Marsh, Maryland
Office, automated parts department, assembly, and maintenance facility for earth-moving equipment
Owner: JCB, Inc.

Physical Plant Building
Baltimore, Maryland
New maintenance, warehouse, and office facility for campus maintenance operations
Owner: Loyola College

Office and Warehouse
Hunt Valley, Maryland
Corporate offices, vehicle maintenance facility, and general warehouse
Owner: McCormick Properties, Inc.

Freight Terminal
Howard County, Maryland
New truck terminal and warehouse
Owner: National Freight Truck Terminal

Corporate Headquarters
Jessup, Maryland
New corporate offices, showroom, electronics warehouse and distribution center
Owner: Selnick & Sons

Industrial Tool and Supply Rental Center
Baltimore, Maryland
New storage buildings, loading crane and renovations to existing building
Owner: Standard Supplies

Maintenance Building
Salisbury State College
Salisbury, Maryland
Offices, shops, and storage facility for campus maintenance operations
Owner: State of Maryland

Appliance Distribution Building
Columbia, Maryland
New office, distribution, and storage facility with retail sales and parts department
Owner: Washington Appliance Wholesalers

Washington Research Center,
Water Filtration Plant
Columbia, Maryland
40,000 gallon carbon filtration system
Owner: W.R. Grace & Co.

Pilot Plant Facility
Columbia, Maryland
Explosion-proof solvent processing facility
Owner: W.R. Grace & Co.

Washington Research Center,
Solvent Storage Facility
Columbia, Maryland
Hazardous chemical containment facility
Owner: W.R. Grace & Co.

U-Haul Center
Baltimore, Maryland
Renovations to offices, warehouse, and vehicle maintenance facility
Owner: U-Haul Co. of Central Maryland, Inc.

Waste Storage Facility
Rutherford Industrial Park
Baltimore, Maryland
Addition for containment of hazardous chemicals and equipment
Owner: Baltimore Gas & Electric Co.

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