Planning and Studies

As design professionals, we have an objective, unbiased, and creative way of looking at things, and are often called upon to perform specialized studies to evaluate needs. Often these go well beyond facilities alone and will look at larger management objectives. These may be economic, strategic growth planning, feasibility studies, and other unique evaluations.

The nature of these studies can range from a comprehensive look at the total operations of 33 volunteer fire company stations in Baltimore County, to an analysis of 1.8 million square feet of residential living space for the University of Maryland at College Park.

Another specialized area of expertise in the firm is the area of energy analysis and green architecture. The firm remains a pioneer in environmental planning, studies, and design.



University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland Housing Study Report

University of Maryland
University of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station

University of Maryland
Prince Georges Residence Hall Analysis and Evaluation

Hood College
Transition Plan for Handicapped Accessibility

Catonsville Community College
Learning Resources Center Energy Conservation Technical Assistance Report

Johns Hopkins University
Earth & Planetary Sciences Department

Baltimore City School #3
Baltimore City Middle School for Exceptional Children Educational Facilities Program

Maryland School for the Blind
Master Facilities Plan

Maryland School for the Blind
Planning and Programming

Maryland School for the Blind
Phase II Construction

Maryland School for the Blind
Building Program Justification Phases II and III

The Carroll County Board of Education
Feasibility Study for Manchester School

Calvert County Board of Education
Evaluation Report

Catonsville Community College
Ellicott City Middle School Science/Energy Conservation Technical Assistance Report


Federal Government

Department of the Army
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Team Centers Evaluation, Bldg. 2

Department of the Army
Walter Reed Army Medical Center Feasibility Study for the Exchange/Commissary Complex at Forest Glen Campus

Department of the Army
The Army Facilities Engineering Buildings & Structures Revision and Updating of Army Technical Manual

Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Concept Study for Naval Exchange Store

Naval Medical Command
Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute Economic Analysis and Energy Conservation Study

National Institutes of Health
Department of Health & Human Services Facility Study

General Services Administration, Region 3
Edward Garmatz Federal Courthouse Pre-Design and Estimate Reports

General Services Administration
Commerce Building Energy Conservation Retrofit Study

Veterans Administration Hospital
Energy Conservation Retrofit Study
United States Postal Services
Washington, DC Main Post Office Energy Conservation Analysis

United States Postal Services
Norfolk, VA Post Office Energy Conservation Analysis

U. S. Department of Energy
National Solar Energy Program Guide to Effective Solar Heating & Cooling Practice

Goddard Space Flight Center
Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite Data Capture and Central Data Handling Facility Preliminary Engineering Report

U. S. Coast Guard, Department of Transportation
Energy Conservation Retrofit Handbook


State, County, City Government

Maryland State Office Buildings
Technical Assistance Program

State of Maryland
Various Energy Conservation Audits

State of Maryland
Energy Conservation Technical Assistance Audits

State of Maryland
State Office Buildings Energy Audit

State of Maryland
Technical Assistance Report

Housing Authority of Anne Arundel County
Meter Analysis

Housing Authority of Baltimore City
Pre-and- Post Implementation Evaluation, NSA Renter Energy

Baltimore County Police
Police Headquarters and Precinct 6 Facilities Feasibility Study

Baltimore County Fire Department
Support Facilities Development Plan

Volunteer Firemen’s Association
Firewinds 1

Carroll County
Hashawha Environmental Facilities Program

Hashawha, Carroll County Environmental Division
Proposal for Commercial Integrated Demonstration Projects

Carroll County Environmental Appreciation Area
Master Plan Report

Carroll County Environmental Appreciation Area
Facilities Program

Hashawha Environmental Center
Volume 1, Project Information Summary
Volume 2, Technical Proposal
Volume 3, Business Proposal
Volume 4, Cost Proposal

Howard County, Maryland
Energy Conservation Technical Assistance Report



Becton Dickinson & Company
BBL Microbiology Systems
Feasibility Study for the Relocation of Division Offices

Harry T. Campbell Sons & Company
Office Maintenance & Management Plan

Harry T. Campbell Sons & Company
Space Planning Analysis

Commercial Credit Supply Corporation
Handicapped Accessibility Recommendations

Greenbelt Homes, Inc.
GHI – Rehabilitation and Planning Study

Taylor Manor Hospital
Analysis of Existing Building and New Facility Planning

Planning and Studies


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